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David K Smith (GW7MQE)



Who am I?

Hello and Welcome to my Web Site. My name is David K. Smith and I live and work in the North of Wales, part of the United Kingdom. I was born in 1974 and from a very early age I have had a deep interest in physics and the world in which we live. These interests have mainly centred around Astronomy, Engineering, Computer Systems, Electronics and Mechatronic Systems.

I have been a Radio Amateur since 1992 (GW7MQE) and an active Electronics and Astronomy hobbyist since primary school.

After attending Deeside College and Liverpool John Moores University I attained the qualifications of ONC, HNC, BSc(HON) and an MSc in the fields of Engineering, Applied Electronics, Microelectronics and Information Systems.

Following this I have worked professionally as a test engineer, an electronics design engineer, an embedded systems developer and for five years I lectured in the fields of engineering, electronics and computer science.

At present I am employed as a Telemetry, Automation and Control Engineer for a large utility company.

If you have a question about any of the projects drop me a line:


What is this site for?

Over the years my interests have driven me to build and test many projects and apart from the occasional friend at radio club or via work, I have not shared any of my designs with anyone else.

By publishing a selection of my past projects here as well as all, future projects I am hoping that this will encourage me to be a little more consistent and complete in generating the documentation and in the general presentation of the final projects. As a result of this, who knows someone else out there may find the documented projects of interest.

I make no clams that my designs are radical or in any way superior to any other, I genuinely just want to publish my projects here in the hope of them being of interest to like minded persons elsewhere in the world.

This now leads me to the standard disclaimer for internet based project sites...




All of the information contained within this site is provided as a description of the projects I have undertaken and is done so for general interest only. The information here is not a exhaustive step by step construction guide and any duplication of the projects here is done so at your own risk. 

If you decide to use the information provided on this website, You are agreeing that you will not hold the creator of the website liable for any event that should occur, as a result of you utilising any of the information provided. Use the information provided on this site at your own risk! The information provided within this site is done so without any warranty of any kind.

Remember developing your own projects at home can be dangerous, If you are not sure about any aspect of what you are doing then stop!

With this said the links at the top of this page will navigate to the various areas of the site, please feel free to look around.





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